Leroi AM. 2003. Mutants: on the form, variety and errors of the the human body
Winner:        Guardian First Book Award 2004
Shortlisted:  Aventis Prize for Science Writing 2004
London: Harper Collins | New York: Viking Penguin | Amsterdam: Contact | Moscow: Corpus |
 Madrid: Anagramma Lisbon: Gradiva | Tokyo: Misuzu Shobu | Seoul: Henamu | Berlin: Spectrum; others.
Once, people with disfiguring or bizarre mutations were thought monstrous. Now they give vital clues to the dance of genes during the body’s growth. Armand Leroi combines meticulous historical research, brand-new genetic understanding, and consummate skill with words to tell an absorbing tale. Advance Praise (Matt Ridley)
Mutants thrills and repels and informs us of the delicacy and wonder of growth and development. It is written with great grace. Advance Praise (Richard Fortey)
Read the book and you will be exposed to both a scientific world that no longer exists and to that of the twenty-first century. Read it and you will know a tiny part of what it is that has made you the person you are. Read it and enjoy words written carefully, elegantly and with sensibility. Read it and marvel.  Nature (Peter Little)
Leroi shows us…a different kind of beauty: innocence. Science (Monique Martineau)
Beautifully written and always engrossing…often recalls Foucault at this most lurid and gothic. Daily Telegraph, London (Nicholas Blincoe)
Poetic, philosophical, profound, witty and challenging. Leroi is, as he says of Goya, a ‘compassionate connoisseur of deformity.’   Guardian, London (Judith Hawley)
Leroi writes about the body with Pateresque delicacy; he is an aesthete for whom understanding enhances mystery; an artist who gazes with wonder at the dance of the genes as the foetus forms itself. Sunday Telegraph, London (Frances Wilson)
Leroi lifts us from an instinctive horror at the bizarre to a more profound sense of wonder. Sunday Times, London (Peter Tallack)
Armand Leroi is not yet a household name but he soon will be, if Mutants wins the following it deserves. The discovery of a distinguished scientist who can write with such flair and style is cause for rejoicing. Independent (Gail Vines)
[A] fascinating and immensely readable book. Financial Times (Jerome Burne) A gracefully written and up-to-date account of the state of the field… well worth reading, not only for its fascinating tales of development, but also for its scrutiny of a vast, uncharted area of biology. TLS (Jerry Coyne)
Mutants satisfies genuine curiosity while transcending prurience, giving us a good look at the amazing prospect unfolding before us as we decode the human genome. It’s Leroi’s first book — and a marvelous accomplishment. May there be many more. Seattle Times (Nisi Shawl)
Monsters Ink: In the genetic chamber of horrors, normality is skin-deep-and immortality will kill you Village Voice (Paul Collins)
For those who truly wish to know their origins without consulting a dry academic tome, this is a book to read. Economist Instructive and enlightening, a brilliant admixture of curious historical anecdote and up-to-date science, written in excellent and often elegant prose. Spectator  
Bullet points from human genetics for you to shoot off. Arena
Excellent: impressively researched and illustrated and extremely well written. PLoS Biology (Jonathan Hodgkin)
If your interests are in historical records of diverse abnormalities, in how genes produce such abnormalities and in how to integrate the two, then Mutants is an ideal read. Trends in Ecology and Evolution (Brian Hall)  
An elegant study…a testament to the ingenuity of the organic life and the protean nature of what it means to be human. Natural History Magazine (Lawrence A. Marschall)
A gifted storyteller… Time Out New York (Sarah Fay)
Leroi writes beautifully, charging his case histories with drama and pathos. Time Out London (John O’Connell)
A book that’s as disturbing as it is enlightening, as unsettling as it is compelling… Publishers Weekly
An enlightening book…may be downright scary for squeamish readers Booklist (David Pitt)
Mutants is a learned, humane, and polished work, the outcome of many years of study and careful thought… GrumpyOldBookman (Michael Allen)
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