2017 news

26.12 — Profile in Le Point, Paris.
22.12 — Pop music evolution for Science Friction, Australian Broadcasting Corp radio
10.12 — Reviews of the French edition of The Lagoon (La Lagune) in Le Monde, Le Figaro etc.
07.12 — Lecture (Christmas) at the Crick Institute, London
11.11 — Lecture, Citywire, Berlin
22.11 — Lecture, Friends of The Alexandria Library, Athens
15.10 — Lecture, Growth and Form 100 conference, Dundee and St Andrews
10.10 — German edition of The Lagoon (Die Lagune) published by Konrad Thiess
18.10 — French edition of The Lagoon (La Lagune) published by Flammarion
21.06 — Lecture, Imperial’s Tech Forsight Conference, City Hall, London
08.06 — Lecture (Keynote), PhD student’s retreat, Vienna Biocentre, Vienna
18.05 — Lecture, Data Science Institute, Imperial College London
16.05 — Lecture, Intersections series, Royal College of Art, London
01.05 — Spanish edition of The Lagoon (La Laguna) published by Guadalmazán
23.03 — Lecture, musical rhythm workshop, NYU, Abu Dhabi
10.03 — Social and Cultural Analytics workshop, Silwood Park, Imperial College London
28.02 — Secret Science of Pop (1h) transmits on BBC4
23.02 — Lecture, Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London
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